Loving Home

Welcome to the children’s home page.


Loving home is the confession for the environment of  this home (home for children who were once abandoned but now are no longer abandoned). The children growing in this home will feel that they belong and that this is indeed their home and not just a place they live in. Children in this home will grow up being inspired to be all what God created them to be.

They will learn to depend on God. Their gifts and talents  will be inspired so that as adults they can be independent and productive members of the community serving God and others in their community. The name for this home was chosen by Nate Munene (our junior board member)  who as a child endured great challenges and fought through them. https://citysheartcryministries.org/directors/

He believes every child can overcome life challenges if they are put in the right environment.

LOVING HOME is a home that will affect children positively in and out.

This home is scheduled to open in March of 2018 in Nkubu-Meru, Kenya.

The rental lease was signed on March 19th, prayer held in this home on March 25, furniture started being moved in March 26th. Glory be to God.



As of March 2018-Complete                                                      Fenced and gated-children’s safety



 AS OF February 2018                                    Fence and gate as of February 2018

House as we found (July 2017)                             House renovation (December 2017)



Below are some photos that show a little bit about Nkubu Market


Local market place.

IMG-20140806-WA0007_resized    IMG-20140806-WA0005_resized_1