Vision, Mission and Goals


To not only provide home and food but more importantly to create an environment in which children and others in need feel safe, peaceful, valued and with a strong sense of belonging. This will boost a sense of greater self-worth in each leading to increased productivity, building a better world one by one. 



To spread the kind of God’s love that brings healing for the broken hearted and freedom for the captives, orphans, abandoned children, oppressed women, and others in need by providing homes and other needed services in order for them to find wholeness and fulfill God’s purpose. 



  • To support and operate homes for orphaned and abandoned children, help oppressed girls and women in Meru Kenya. That will provide education, nutrition and healthcare; and informational activities to increase public awareness of the plight of impoverished women and children.
  • To support and operate a Theological studies college in Meru, Kenya with emphasis in spreading the gospel of Christ, counseling services and teaching life strategies.
  • Allow and encourage the use of our facilities for Christian worship and education
  • Finance the training and activities of missionaries in Africa
  • Engage in, advance, support, promote and administer religious and charitable activities, causes, and projects that will enhance the community of Kenya, Africa and the African people.