This ministry started with a vision to enrich the lives of orphaned and abandoned children, especially girls in Kenya.  We don’t just stop feeding and raising orphaned and abandoned children. We want to raise them in such a way that they can grow with self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem. We want to raise these children not to have self doubt or feel like they are any less than other more privileged than themselves. The truth is that God is equally our Father, what He can do through a person raised by their own parent(s), He can also do with a person that was orphaned or abandoned. God does not depend on our origin, history or current circumstances to determine our future. He depends on us having a relationship with Him and being available for His purpose. This is why every one of our children are going be raised to believe this because every child is equal in God’s eyes.

Oppression of Kenyan women and girls is an additional focus of this ministry. Many of these women go through life not feeling heard, that no one can understand their pain. These women and girls have been scarred and live with emotional and spiritual pain as well as carrying shame for their situations.  They need to know that God is able to meet them at the point of their own particular needs.

The heart of this ministry is to help people change their way of thinking by connecting with their Maker from the inside out and living out their lives as God intended.  We don’t believe in just helping them survive from day to day but helping them realize how important each one of them is in God’s eyes.  We want them to realize what God can do through them if they focus on His word instead of focusing on the word of the world. We want them to learn to spread their wings and fly to great heights on their own in God.